Kindergarten through 5th Grade


Lower SchoolThe kindergarten curriculum is designed to help each child develop positive self-esteem and to establish a foundation of learning.  Our kindergarten Instruction provides activities to stimulate, challenge, and meet the abilities and interests of the children. Each child has the opportunity to enjoy success by actively participating in hands-on activities and communicating in a variety of formats. An integrated, learning center approach allows children to actively engage in learning through individualized and cooperative activities.  This center based learning approach expands children’s knowledge of the world and self.  Our highly trained kindergarten teachers are skilled in facilitating learning by engaging students in all curriculum areas.  Centers are thematically designed to provide a variety of diverse learning opportunities.

Grades 1 through 5

The lower school (grades 1 through 5) fosters a love of learning by encouraging each child to become an independent, engaged learner. Children approach learning with different learning styles and our teachers offer a variety of strategies to provide individual success. Students learn best when learning is cumulative and developmental.  Our teachers use prior knowledge and experiences to make the learning real and meaningful to students. Themes and making connections between math, reading, writing, science, phonics, spelling and social studies characterize the interdisciplinary curriculum.  Students also have art, computers, music, physical education, and Spanish. Christian values are taught by interaction with classmates, and active engagement in acts of kindness and leadership both within the class and the school.

Physical Education

Physical Education at St. Mary Catholic school is taught by two teachers at the k-5 level.  Patty Ericksen and Daniel Peebles.  The National course study guidelines for Physical Education is implemented through a lot of fun activities and games.  Our goal for these students is a life consisting of good health choices and lifetime fitness.  We love PE and we want the students to love it too!  We believe there is a sport or activity for everyone and we hope that we can help them discover their individual potential.