Title I/Resource

St. Mary strives to meet all students' needs. If your child is struggling or needs extra help, we have both Title 
I tutors and Resource teachers who will help him or her reach their full potential.

What is Title I?

Title I is a federal program that provides a tutor  for St. Mary School. The tutor works with small groups of students to review and practice learning skills. Data from pretests and other types of
testing helps us determine which students will benefit most from the program. The tutor also gets information from the teachers about which skills they feel should be practiced. As students improve, they may no longer need the services.


St. Mary offers a robust resource support program to provide one-on-one, small group, and in-class academic support services to students. Dedicated resource faculty members work with students and their teachers in grades 1-8 to provide math, literacy, and learning skills support, as well as enrichment opportunities, in order to help all students meet their fullest potential. In addition to administering these programs and skills support, our resource faculty assist in overseeing individualized progress plans, testing accommodations, and benchmark assessments.